Our MillS

Our Mills

Rajala Companies' mills and the dedicated people who operate them are a perfect match to the forests on which they depend.  For a small company, we are highly integrated.  We control every part of the manufacturing process.  Together with owning our own timberlands and doing our own logging, we possess an unparallelled ability to provide you with absolutely the highest quality products that are guaranteed to be sustainably harvested from native species and forests.


The sawmill in Bigfork, Minnesota has a long and rich history.  This site is not only the cornerstone of the Rajala family's sawmill history, but is also the longest running sawmill in all of Minnesota.

Hasn't "missed a cut" since 1902

The mill was established in 1902 and since then has never "missed a cut".  Despite facing a century of challenges - boom and bust cycles, fire, timber supply battles, and globalization, the mill and people of the Bigfork valley who operate it have been steadfast in keeping it going.

Wide array of species

The forests of northern Minnesota are large, but only a small portion of the harvest is of high enough quality for a sawmill.  In the early 1900's the mill produced mainly White Pine.  But when those vast stands of White Pine were mostly gone, the mill turned to lesser scattered stands of White Pine and all other local species: Red Pine, Aspen, Oak, Basswood, Cedar, Elm, Ash, Birch, and Maple.  Few mills have the ability to produce and market all of these species properly.  This is one of our greatest strengths, and makes this mill a critical match to our Forestry operation that is based on Diverse and Natural forests. 


"Rajala Mill Company" as the mill has been known for most of its history, serves local and international markets.  A significant portion of its lumber production is used to produce Rajala Millwork.  But it also serves many other markets and satisfied customers, who produce a long list of exceptional products, from flooring to wood windows.  

Not the biggest or newest - just the best

Manufacturing equipment and controls in the Bigfork mill range in age from 100 years to modern.  Some of the sawmill equipment was well used when we bought it from Henry Ford's Michigan mills early in the last century.  This equipment was made of the strongest American steel and will likely produce precision lumber in this mill for the next century.   Sawing lumber is as much an art as it is a science.  Our loggers, saw filers, sawyers, kiln operators, and planer operators have the ability to maintain and repair every piece of equipment we own, in house and to the highest standards.  This has been and will continue to be one of the greatest strengths of this mill.